Of products for the science, technology and environment system, such as:
-Computer equipment, its components, parts, accessories and supplies (includes: PC, Laptop, Printers, Toner, and others associated with computer systems.
-Automotive transport, its components, parts and accessories.
-Tractors on tires, equipment and instruments for land preparation, seeders and transplanters, equipment and instruments for cultivation, equipment and implements for fodder, spraying machines, harvesting machines.
-Houses for covered cultivation and irrigation systems associated with these Irrigation systems.
-Mini industries, canned food processing (equipment that integrates it) its parts, spare parts, accessories and supplies associated with these hand tools, industrial, domestic and agricultural, hardware products.
-Office furniture.
-Office supplies.
- Promotional.
-Air conditioner equipment.
-Household appliances (televisions, microwave ovens, etc.)
-Means of human protection (Except work clothes and footwear).
-Laboratory equipment, its components, parts and accessories.
-Chemical reagents.
-Medicines for veterinary use.
-Glassware and laboratory miscellanea.
-Oceanographic, geophysical and meteorological apparatus, equipment and instruments, their parts, parts and accessories Furniture for laboratories.
-Apparatus, equipment and instruments for metrological activity.
-Diagnostic means, reference materials and culture media.